Crafter’s Circle

For anyone interested in the crafter’s circle, we held our first group session on October 30 and worked on crochet projects as well as learning to crochet different stitches and patterns.

For instance, we shared this pattern Ripple Granny Square Blanket

And worked on granny squares, which, regretfully I’m a bit rusty on that pattern, so here is a youtube video which will show you how, if you are interested in learning, this is a great pattern for beginners.

How To Crochet a Granny Square

We will work on other projects and craft forms as we go, such as knitting, needlework, beading, making dream catchers, etc. all suggestions for crafts are gratefully appreciated.  And if you know a craft you would like to share, please tell us.

If you are interested in joining a crafter’s circle at the library, and can only attend in the evening, please let me know and I will work on scheduling another group.

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